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samara beach 

Samara shines as a vibrant village where a multitude of projects are consistently underway throughout the year, accompanied by a variety of events. Everyone is warmly invited to participate in these initiatives and take an active role in their organization, as Samara truly embodies "Our Village".


On September 9th, El Ancla celebrates Children's Day by offering free fish and chicken fingers to children aged 0 to 12. You can make a reservation by calling +506 2656-0716 or +506 8729-0119.

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Annual Assembly of the Playa Samara Tourism Chamber!

Date: Wednesday, September 6th
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Cantina de Baco

Join us at our Annual Assembly to discuss important topics related to tourism in Playa Samara. We look forward to your participation and contributions.

See you at Cantina de Baco!



Dolce Vita Event

The Dolce Vita invites you every day to enjoy live music. Our establishment offers a lively atmosphere where you can listen to talented artists perform live, adding a touch of magic to your evening.

But that’s not all! In addition to live music, we also offer you the opportunity to discover a unique musical show featuring fire dancers. These talented artists combine grace, agility and the art of fire to create a stunning visual experience. You will be captivated by their fiery movements and captivating performances.



This Friday, September 7th, at 7:00 PM, El Ancla invites you to a live concert with JC Cordero. You are welcome! To make a reservation, please call +506 2656-0716 or +506 8729-0119.

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This initiative is a collaborative effort involving the National Institute of Women, the Municipality of Nicoya, INAMU, and the Playa Samara Tourism Chamber. Its main objective is to combat violence against women. Together, we are creating designated spaces to ensure protection against potential aggressions. Samara proudly presents the first Costa Rican route of safe and secure locations for victims of aggression.


Siembra de Arboles

Protecting mangroves through tree planting is crucial to preserving unique coastal ecosystems and maintaining their biodiversity. Mangroves also act as natural barriers against coastal erosion and storms, protecting coastal areas from damage. In addition, mangroves capture large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere, thus contributing to the fight against climate change. This contributes to the sustainability and health of our planet.


Limpieza Playa Samara

A beach cleanup is the removal of litter and debris from a beach, whether from the ocean, visitors or other sources. This includes collecting items such as plastic bottles, food packaging, cigarette butts, abandoned fishing nets, pieces of wood and more. The goal is to preserve the natural beauty of the beach, protect the marine ecosystem, prevent pollution and raise public awareness of the importance of environmental conservation. Beach cleanups are often organized by environmental groups, community organizations, schools or local authorities, and involve volunteers who come together to work together to keep the beach clean and healthy.


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