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Welcome to Casa Lagun restaurant, a place where love and culinary know-how meet. Our establishment stands out for its warm atmosphere and varied menu, highlighting home-made dishes with fresh produce.

At Casa Lagun, we attach great importance to the quality of our ingredients. We carefully select local and seasonal products, guaranteeing an authentic flavor to each of our dishes. Whether you are an inveterate carnivore or a fan of the vegetarian diet, our menu offers varied options to satisfy all palates, including delicious and creative veggie choices.

Our team of talented chefs puts all their love and know-how into every prepared plate. Each dish is elaborated with special attention, combining innovative culinary techniques with traditional recipes. Our goal is to offer you an unforgettable gastronomic experience, where every bite takes you on a journey of exquisite flavors.

So sit back, relax and let us offer you a unique culinary experience. Welcome to Casa Lagun, where the passion for cooking meets the art of receiving.


At Casa Lagun, we also offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our loyalty card. For each purchase of 10 meals, the 11th is offered as a gift.

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