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hotel bahia

Welcome To Bahia-
Your Ultimate Beachside Escape
You'll find Bahia nestled right ON THE BEACH, just a 10-minute walk from town.
Our Hotel Bar & Restaurant features 7 rooms and 2 apartments. Every morning, you get tasty
breakfast choices with our Menu “A la Carte”.
The rooms are comfortably equipped with air conditioning, a private bathroom with hot water, and
locally and organic supplies.
We make a great deal in meeting our guests' requests, which is why our staff is available from
730am to 11pm everyday.
From the beachfront loungers to our top-notch dining and attentive staff, every detail will
make you want to stay longer... And then come back!

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Also check out our restaurant on the beach! Great open air seating and dining with daily happy
hours and a wide selection of cocktails. In addition, we have set up a covered area for the rainy
days. Lunch is light and fresh, as for dinner, we offer a more elaborate “Gourmet menu” .. From
breakfast to dinner, The Kitchen Staff will walk the extra mile to meet all reasonable requests (
vegetarian, vegan, gluten free... ).

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